Drop Drop the Game

Post IGF Break by Sterling N. Pierce
November 5, 2012, 3:42 pm
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After we submitted DropDrop to IGF, we took the rest of the week off so that we could rest up and get focused for pushing the game next semester.  Two things that we have noticed with this is 1-) it was a little more difficult to get the team re-engaged into the project and 2-) because of the amount of pressure that we were under in getting the submission to IGF completed, it gave a false sense of the project to being completed.

We meet during class and discussed what we would like to see implemented for the rest of the semester as well as began to list what we would like to see by the time we need to publish the game next semester.  What is great about the engineering implementation that we have done thus far, it will allow us to bring in many other cities/levels within the game.  For instance, we discussed the possibility of having specific cityscapes such as:  China Town, Egyptian, etc.  With this, it not only gives the artists an opportunity for them to expand and think of other hard surface model possibilities as well as visual effects specifically with the lanterns hanging on wires for the China Town level concept, but will also allow more variety within our game.

We are also looking into getting analytics into the game so that we can determine if there are any issues within the game that we have overlooked as well as getting data feedback on different aspects of our game.  We have some great things that are ahead for the team.

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